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Loader options HAC2 Loader options

HAC2 configuration HAC2 configuration

HAC2 and loader updates

As updates for loader.dll or HAC2 itself become available, they will be released automatically.

HAC2 updates happen automatically in the background and require no user intervention, the same as it has always been.

loader updates are now possible! - If there is a loader update, once Halo gets to the main menu, you will see a prompt like this once, and then once every 10 seconds if you press any key:

HAC2 Loader update available - Press F1 to install - Halo will exit!

This message will not display if you are in-game.

Press F1, HAC2 will run the installer, and Halo will exit. You might need to search for the install window with Alt-Tab. Follow the installation instructions available at HAC2 Installation

If you have the old loader.dll, this update is not possible, so manually update as soon as possible.